Monday, May 4, 2015

Why Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things

Director of the cult camp zombie classic Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things Bob Clark was set to start shooting a remake of his film when he died tragically in an automobile accident in 2007. After his death Tom Savini was rumored to be interested in doing the remake. But as of now the project is, for lack of a more classy word, dead.

"Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things" is a very creepy and atmospheric zombie film about a group of hippie actors who go to a small island to practice satanism and succeed in raising the dead!The only problem is,the dead wants to eat them all.Surely one of my favourite horror flicks this one contains really cool zombies and dark,brooding atmosphere.The acting is surprisingly good,the location sets are spooky and there's also a sprinkle of black humour added for good measure.Only a little bit of gore,so fans of Italian zombie gut-munchers may be disappointed,but if you like scary horror movies this one is perfect for you.Anyway,check this movie out-you'll love this!And the ending is the most edge-of-your-seat ever.A must see!Highly recommended. -IMDB

Full cast and crew of Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things

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