Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Sky Trumpets, Strange Noises Heard Again in BC

VANCOUVER – Almost two years ago, a series of videos called ‘Strange Sounds in Terrace‘ caused a flurry of debate and speculation online as to what the noise could be.

Well, it appears those noises have been heard and captured on video again.

Strange sounds heard in Terrace B.C. Strange sounds heard in Terrace B.C., but this is not the first time Terrace resident Melissa Harris was drinking coffee on her couch Tuesday morning when she heard a low, strange noise. “I could hear it getting louder,” she says.

So she grabbed her phone and started recording.

She lived in Terrace when the similar noise occurred in 2013, but she was in Vancouver at the time and only heard them on the YouTube video below.

This time around, they lasted for about a minute and then they were over.

“Personally I don’t know what they were,” says Harris. “There’s a lot of different ideas floating around.”

In September, 2013, the City of Terrace posted a note on their Facebook page saying they were responsible for the noise.

“Turns out….. it was us. A City employee was preparing a grader for some work on Lanfear hill and produced that mysterious noise with the grader blade,” they wrote.

This time around, they say a very similar noise, captured on tape Thursday morning was caused by the same action (click the link to watch the video): “Here we are on video grinding the grader blade in the back parking lot at the Terrace Sportsplex.”

But many residents did not buy the explanation the first time and Harris says she does not think that is the explanation now.

“It had a science fiction feel to it,” she says. “It was eerie, I had goosebumps.”

 -Global News


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