Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Chupacabara in La Vina

09/11/2014 - The Tolaba family reported to the police that "the cat", or whatever, eight animals were devoured. The incident occurred in the early hours of Tuesday.

Residents of La Vina on Wednesday were surprised upon learning that the popular " chupacabras "had destroyed his village. "The chupacabras they went through the Vineyard," they said at the scene.

At dawn on Tuesday, the predator could not yet be identified (believe it is a cat) came down from the hills to devour eight animals.

The town of La Vine is head of the eponymous department and is located about 88 kilometers from the capital of Salta. They live Tolaba several years ago, the family to which the chupacabras snatched their cattle. The vintners quickly learned what happened elsewhere in the province and began taking the necessary steps to care for their animals.
So stay after being attacked animals. 
He told the owner of the cattle when they rose early on Wednesday, he met with eight of their animals dead, four goats and four male goats. Desperate and not knowing what had happened, alerted the police. As has happened in such cases, the marks and wounds of the dead animals are similar and in the same place.

Immediately the people began the discussion of what might have caused the killing. What is the chupacabra ?, was the dominant question. Is a ucumar, a puma or a jaguar? And so did the mythological idea that might be, "why not," said some, a Uturunco. The only certainty there so far in this type of situation is something or someone killed eight animals in the Vineyard. Saving the deaths, the same happened in Coronel Cornejo, where they found about 40 goats dead, and in the town of Palomitas were fifteen.

Locals and people he knows are sure that the various facts that occur in the area due to the burning of grasslands on the hills. "When this happens, usually the cats that roam far from the town, in the hills, they decide to go down and the first thing first make attacking livestock priority"said Aldo, a villager. A theory of so many people know and northern disseminates. However, so far neither the same police could identify living things or attacking. Without knowing exactly what is science, you have to keep pointing out that the chupacabra appeared again, this time on the Vineyard. - El Tribuno

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